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Tobi Kalejaye, is privileged to be a trusted authority in the fields of Investment, Trading financial markets, Business Strategy, and Life. I help people find a direction for life by having a mastery of their Finances.
I have come from a point where I was confused and sometimes suicidal to where I now have a grasp of how to WIN through life and help others to win also, through a changed Mindset and personal education which has also led me to Riches, Wealth and Affluence.

I have tried my Hands on several businesses in my entrepreneurship career which started in 2011, while I was a 22 year old undergraduate at Lagos State University.

I’ve had my fair share of losing money, closing down businesses, bidding for contracts and not getting them, being the best candidate who applied for a job and didn’t get it, tried network marketing, being called a failure, denied VISA(s), being betrayed by friends because of Money, failed JAMB multiple times.

Against all Odds, I became a Millionaire at 25 years of Age, it felt so good I tripled it a few months after. I have replicated this feat in other people as well, through my teachings/Courses and business opportunities I show my Clients.

I’m exceptionally good at high performance coaching/advisory. (Sorry too many people try to be modest about what they’re good at…I don’t know why, but that’s not me. I’m really good at what I do and not shy about it…now, if you’re exceptional at something you shouldn’t be either.

I’m tough on my clients because they come to me with a destination they want to get to, but they’ve never been. So I have to be. Weak people shouldn’t call, email or sign-up for anything I print, deliver or discuss.

Tobi Kalejaye is one of Nigeria’s leading Technical analysis traders and Business Strategists. He is also one of the most-watched, most downloaded, quoted and followed personal development trainers in Nigeria.
His online courses/Conferences have been taken by over 2000 students and his weekly emails reach well over 5000 people.
In 2017, I was awarded for being the first person to ever teach about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in African Language.
I’m passionate about helping people who are WILLING and READY to Move their Finances to where it ought to be.

Feedback & Reviews

Forex market is very very wide…but with Pips mastery Academy you got a chance to learn the basic things needed to start hitting it well in the Academy….


Forex Trader

Awesome website and awesome experience , my knowledge about Forex trading has been tremendously great.

I give 5 Stars

Seun Akintola

Forex Trader

So real and not sentimental at all.
Your teaching method is such that you want everyone to learn the skill and grow into perfection and independence and not a team that will always depend on you.



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