Here’s my personal experience from my interaction with several individuals, fortunately Nigerians…

I meet a 35 years old man who vehemently believes everyone owes him, he’s still on monthly allowance (pocket money) from him hard working parents and he’ll threaten to go missing or join a robbery gang should they stop the flow!


I know this Man (boy rather) too well, He’s on a job, Lives in a free accomodation paid for by another family member and so many funny things in between…
What do you think his attitude towards work would be?

Why do you think he’s working?

So many young chaps today living in a very similar way…

Begging from Uncle A to D!

Believing they’re unsuccessful because their parents didn’t give them enough money!

Hating their Boss because he’s going home with most of the income!

Blaming the government for their personal failures!

Enrolling for a course and expecting the trainer to do everything for them!

I’m not against you getting support from your parents, relatives, friends, government etc… Hell No!

But the Lack of ownership, too many people live with the “ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY”, you’re not entitled to anything!!! I can say this a million times over. Stop stalking people and trying to emotionally lure them to take responsibility for your life, be kind to yourself this once!

Take responsibility!

You don’t deserve happiness at the expense of others, entitlement and selfish expectations will poison your relationships.

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