The New Asset Class By Peter Akinola


The New Asset Class contain the A to Z of cryptocurrency and blockchain asset investment.

it deliberately take you through the Understanding of the new technology in a non technical way with the focus of building wealth through it.

it is a non technical book and very easy to understand.

it also contain a Do-It-Yourself procedure to opening, securing and executing your crypto investments to mention a few.

Do yourself, your friends and family a great favour, Get a copy of the New Asset Class.

After 2 years of profitable trading and Investment in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, 7 months of research and writing. THE NEW ASSET CLASS- A-Z of Cryptocurrency Investment is finally out and ready for you.

This is the first time you have a book that takes your through all you need to know to get started and going in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency investment space with a mentoring program to go with it.

This eBook covers but not limited to the following.

A Quick financial education
My Crypto story
Money evolution
Blockchain Technology
Cryptocurrency (Altcoins)
Maximising the new asset class.


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