Understanding Blockchain Technology By Oluwatobi Kalejaye


Here’s a need to understand the economics of the world, the previous trend and possibly the future. The future is quite unclear and no one can categorically predict it, but a good understanding of the past will be of great importance in telling what the future is going to look like.

Money is a language of Value, just like every other Language: It only makes sense to the users of such Language.

Talking to me with the German Language is a share waste of your time and mine.

Once two individuals agree that a stone is valuable, it can serve as money to them, irrespective of what others think or believe.

There’s a relationship between technology and the evolution of money

Money has moved from Cowry, to metal, to Paper, to Card, to Digits and the evolution is not stopping Yet!

I’ve carefully simplified and put up this resource to help willing individuals understand the economics of the world and the very first #DecentralizedCryptocurrency which is #Bitcoin.

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