5 Steps to start Trading Forex!

Trading forex could be very frustrating at the beginning if you lack proper guidance and also the step by step process that will get you started!

My mission is to make it very simple for you and ensure that you can at least create a demo account by the end of this post.

STEP 1: A Broker Account 

It ís imperative to register with any broker of your choice, look  out for brokers that offer good spread, good customer support, credibility and should be able to offer certain advantage to traders.

for me I use TradersDomain they meet all the above stated points

STEP 2: Download Metatrader 4

After signing up your broker account go to your app store and download Metatrader 4, you will set up your MT4 with the login details given to you by your broker. (I recommend you create a Demo account if you’re new)

STEP 3:  Learn about Technical analysis

In simple terms technical analysis are statistical based informations that can be used in predicting the probable direction for price.  was that complex?

Focus on Trendlines, Support and Resistance and finally Demand and Supply Zones. It get easier with every trial

several free videos to help you on my Youtube Channel

STEP 4: Practise

Always ensure you’re practising everything you’re learning.

Trading is a particiaptory sport, I often liken it to driving… No matter how much you read about driving. you have to get in a car, turn on the ignition and drive.

However you’re at lesser risk if you have mentor. Look into my mentorship packages and commit to the one that best suits you immeditely

STEP 5: Make a commitment

Stay committed to the game and keep developing your skills along the line.

Being a profitable trader is not a sprint or a day’s job, you must be willing to put in the work and open minded so you can grow along side your mentor.

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